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revoke your will
Life Planning

How to Revoke Your Will

If you have a Will written, you might not imagine that you may want to get rid of it one day. However, circumstances change, and one day you could find yourself wanting to create a new Will from scratch. Here’s how to revoke your Will properly! Why Revoke Your Will? If you have a Will

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witness a will
Estate Planning

Who Can Witness a Will?

For your Will to be legally binding, it must be witnessed properly. However, there are certain rules around witnessing a Will, so be careful who you choose! Why Do You Need a Witness? Every Will needs to be witnessed by at least two people to confirm the testator (the writer of the Will) is the

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wills for married couples

The Best Wills for Married Couples

Married couples have several options to choose from when creating a Will. The best choice depends on your circumstances, estates, and what you want from a Will.  Types of Wills for Married Couples There are several types of Wills that married couples can choose from. All have different advantages and drawbacks that it is vital

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7 Reasons to Make a Will

Creating a Will can seem complicated, and some people wonder if there is any point in making one at all. If you’re struggling to find a place to start, here are seven reasons to make your Will!  1 – Save Time, Stress, and Money for Your Loved Ones Having a Will in place lets you

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When Can Wills Fail?

Wills are not straightforward legal documents. Just one mistake can make a Will invalid, and it could possibly fail after you pass away, which could change who benefits from your estate. Luckily, there are ways to avoid these mistakes and ensure your Will remains valid. Reasons A Will Can Fail When a Will fails, that

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mirror wills

A Guide to Mirror Wills

If you are looking to create a Will with your partner, you may have come across the concept of mirror Wills. However, it can be slightly confusing, and a mirror Will may not be the best option for you both – read on for our extensive guide to all things mirror Wills! What Is a

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