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updating your will
Life Planning

A Guide to Updating Your Will

Once you have a Will written and tucked away, you might be tempted to forget about it entirely. However, this could be a big mistake as you could miss out on many benefits for yourself and your loved ones. Updating your Will every few years is essential to later life planning as many aspects of

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how to value your estate
Life Planning

How to Value Your Estate

When you start writing your Will, one question that will inevitably pop up is, ‘what is the value of my estate?’ Knowing the value of your estate can help you make informed decisions about how to distribute your assets after you pass away and can also help you plan for your financial future while you’re

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lasting powers of attorney
Power of Attorney

Who Needs an LPA?

Lasting powers of attorney (LPAs) enable you to grant your chosen attorneys the ability to act on your behalf. However, do you really need one? Read on to see just how an LPA could benefit you! What Are Lasting Powers of Attorney? LPAs allow people you select to make decisions on your behalf while you

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how to write a will
Life Planning

How to Write a Will

Your Will is a crucial legal document, which can make starting one a little daunting! We’ve put together this handy guide with the essential steps for how to write your Will, including what you’ll need and where you can find the best legal advice.  Making a Will: Where to Start Before you sit down to

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estate planning
Estate Planning

What Is Estate Planning?

Thinking about your death is never pleasant, but it is essential if you want to take care of your loved ones. With a good plan drawn up by legal professionals, you could avoid losing assets and prevent your loved ones from missing out on the gifts you want them to receive.  Estate Planning Essentials  Estate

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