Protective Property Trusts

By creating a Protective Property Trust (PPT) you protect your share of your home against a variety of future eventualities.​

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Are you concerned that your share of your home may be lost, and your loved ones receive nothing?

By creating a Protective Property Trust (PPT) you protect your share of your home against future eventualities.


With fees costing in excess £1200 per week in some areas, a short stay in care can mean tens of thousands of pounds being lost. With no solution to the care issue expected any time soon, thousands of people every year are forced to sell their homes to cover these fees.

By getting specialist advice you can use a Protective Property Trust to prevent the local authority from using your share of the property to fund care.

With some simply conveyancing and specialist advice, you can protect what you’ve worked hard to achieve.

If you own a property jointly with your partner, you must become what’s known as ‘tenants in common’. This means instead of owning 100% between you, you own 50% each. You then write your Will so than instead of that share to each other, you leave it trust to the beneficiaries. Your partner can still remain in the property, move etc.

However, if the survivor needs care in the future, the local authority will not be able to use the share that is held in trust. Thus protecting half the value of the house.


With people living longer it is becoming more and more common for a widowed person to remarry after the death of their spouse. Usually, If you die first, your share of the property is left to your partner. However, should they subsequently remarry, the property could become a matrimonial asset in the new marriage. If your partner dies, the property could pass to the new spouse, thus completely disinheriting the children from the first marriage.

This a called ‘Sideways Disinheritance’.

A Protective Property Trust ensures that when you die, your share of the property would pass to your chosen beneficiaries in trust and thus protected against care fees and sideways disinheritance.

If you are interested in protecting the home for your family, one of our specialist Paralegals can guide you through the process.


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