The Pitfalls of DIY Wills

Did you know that you can order DIY Will kits online? They promise to be simple, easy, and cheaper than a solicitor. Although this may seem perfect on paper, there are many pitfalls associated with DIY Wills.

Why Are DIY Wills Appealing?

Many people opt for a DIY Will due to the cost of having one professionally made. Professional Wills can cost between £100 to £300. However, these costs can rise if you have complex needs that involve Inheritance Tax or property abroad. 

On the other hand, DIY Wills can cost up to £20 – only a fraction of the price of having one produced by a solicitor. Many people worry about the costs of creating a professional Will and therefore prefer this cheaper option. In some instances, people with a simple financial situation choose to create their own Will as they do not have property or businesses to leave to anyone. 

The Risks of DIY Wills

Creating your own Will sounds simple – you simply note down who you want your property or assets to go to, sign it, and you’re done. Or are you? 

Complications can arise with a DIY Will that lead to negative consequences in the future. Some of the risks that come with creating a DIY Will include:

  • Errors – You are liable for any mistakes that you make in your DIY Will, even if you have used a kit. These errors can snowball into huge problems for your loved one after you pass away and can take months to resolve.
  • Loss of money Up to 10% of the value of a person’s estate can be absorbed if they have an insufficient Will. This cost comes from legal fees and taxes that can be incurred on property or inheritance. Although professional Wills cost much more upfront than a DIY Will, asking a professional for help can save money in the long run, as there will be no mistakes associated with unnecessary costs.
  • Invalid Wills For a Will to be classed as valid and legally binding, you must sign it in the presence of two witnesses. Spouses and beneficiaries of the Will cannot act as witnesses. If they do, they may lose their right to the inheritance you want them to receive. It is also vital to ensure that a previously written Will has been destroyed. If a previous Will is not destroyed, the new one will be deemed invalid. 

A DIY Will is also incredibly risky if you have property abroad or a business you are leaving to someone. Situations like this require legal assistance to ensure everything is processed correctly and there is nothing at risk. Be sure to seek legal advice for your Will if:

  • You have foreign investments or bank accounts
  • You share a property with someone who is not your spouse
  • You want to leave property or money to someone who cannot care for themselves 
  • You want to reduce your Inheritance Tax bill

Creating an Airtight Will

The best way to create a strong, airtight Will is to go to a professional. Solicitors or professional Will writing services can create Wills. They will sit down with you to discuss your wants and needs before writing your Will for you. Although it is a steeper upfront cost than buying a DIY Will kit, it is better to have a secure Will rather than one that may cause your loved ones more problems after you pass away.

There are several drawbacks to having an insufficient Will:

  • Your money, property, or business may not go to who you wanted it to.
  • If you have children under 18, you need a sufficient Will to make the proper arrangements for their care. Failure to do so could see other arrangements made.
  • If you are not married to your partner, they cannot inherit anything from you unless stated otherwise in your Will. If you want them to have an inheritance from you, a legal Will must be drawn up.

Something important to note is that when you marry, all previous Wills are invalidated. If you have recently married and want to delegate where your assets will go after you pass, make sure to consult a professional and create a new Will. 


Having a sufficient, legally binding Will in place is crucial, even if you are in good health and not concerned about passing away any time soon. Without one, your estate could be mismanaged in a way that you wouldn’t have wanted. 

Although DIY Wills are cheap and appealing, they can cause more harm than good – the best way to create your Will is through a professional solicitor or Will writing service that knows the law and can ensure that there are no mistakes that may create snags down the road.

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